Going away on vacation, a business trip or to visit family abroad is as exciting as it gets. Leaving your furry friend behind, however, puts a damper on the excitement. Who is going to take care of them? Will they be stressed without you? Fortunately, most cities have cat boarding facilities. Hotel-like facilities are coming up everywhere to cater for your pets. Here is what you can expect in one of those advanced pet boarding places.


Instead of dark, uncomfortable cages, pet hotels offer fantastic cat suites with comfortable plush perches with beautiful bird sounds to soothe the cat to sleep. The cat can relax in its lovely cot and watch some TV or go out for a nice massage. The type of food the cats are given is high quality, and the suites are cleaned daily.


There is nothing that pets love more than attention, and that is one thing they can easily lack in boarding facilities. Today, the pet hotels hire more people so every cat can be paid special attention and given enough time. If the cat wants to play outside, there is someone to run around with, stroke its back and change the litter box. One worry pet owners have when leaving their beloved cat is that they will get stressed and lonely, but with someone giving it such attention, loneliness is not an option.


If your cat loves to play with other kittens outside, there are plenty of friends in a pet hotel, and they can socialize all they want. Even those cats that are timid and scared can be helped to get over their fear because someone is watching as the cats play. Just like human beings, animals are made to be social, and they need to hang out with others to have a healthy and happy life.


Is your cat potty trained? Does it know how to take a bath? Does it know how to go to its bed during bedtime? If not, a pet hotel is a perfect place for it to be trained all that. Not only will the cat watch what other cats are doing but the schedule in the facility will help it to become disciplined and all-rounded.

Pet boarding is most definitely more expensive than leaving your cat with a friend or a relative, but you will have the peace of mind you deserve knowing that your cat is okay. Next time you want to leave for a few days, check in your furry friend to a pet hotel and they will thank you forever.