So you're going away and you want someone to look after your dog? Dog boarding is an easy, safe option. We know that boarding your puppy for the first time is a big decision. However, with a little planning, you can make the experience more enjoyable for your dog and easier for the dog boarding organisation you use. Whether your dog boarding preference is one-on-one care at the house of a host or a large-scale kennel, packing a few essentials will make sure that the stay runs smoothly for everyone.

Your dog's favourite food

With off-site dog boarding facilities, your dog will be surprised (and sometimes distressed) at the change of location. Rather than changing everything, including their food, it can be helpful to pack your dog's favourite dog biscuits or dog roll. Eating the same food that they get at home will help your pup to feel safe and secure in its new environment. Packing a few treats is a nice surprise for your pooch and helps to build positive associations with the boarding experience, which is particularly important if it's their first time away from home.

Toys to keep your pup occupied

Packing a leash is an obvious step to take, as the boarding facility will want to give your dog a good amount of exercise. Dog boarding providers will give your dog some forms of entertainment, usually through walking or playing, but there will be a lot of downtime too. You know how your dog likes to spend its spare time, whether that involves chewing a chew toy or exploring the garden ton find hidden treats. Packing toys, along with information about how the dog carer should use them, will help to create a fun-filled break for your dog. Dog carers are professionals, but they can't be expected to occupy a dog's time all day long, so tossing a few chew toys or puzzles into the bag will give them a way to entertain your pup.


Lastly, pack a set of instructions for the dog boarding carers. They don't know your dog like you do, so try to give them all the important details. How do you use the dog's favourite toy? How many times a day should you feed the dog? Be as detailed as possible to get your message across. At the end of the day, everything you tell them about what you want from dog boarding will help to make the experience as fun as possible for your pup.