If you are a dog owner and are planning to go on a trip in the near future, here are two reasons why you should put your pet into a boarding kennel instead of hiring a dog sitter to look after them.

Boarding kennels are the best place for your dog to be if they become ill

If your pet develops an illness whilst you are away, they will be more likely to receive the treatment they need and to recover quickly if they are staying at a boarding kennel rather than with a dog sitter.

There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, the staff at boarding kennels are trained to recognise the early warning signs of illness in dogs; this will mean that they will be able to take action before an illness progresses to an advanced stage.

Secondly, most boarding kennels have either an in-house vet who works at the facility full-time or an on-call vet, whom they can contact and receive assistance from whenever an animal becomes sick. This means that should your dog get ill during their stay, they will be seen and, if necessary, treated by a vet immediately. 

Conversely, if a dog sitter is looking after your pet, they may not notice the early signs of a developing illness and as such, may not seek treatment fast enough. This could potentially result in the illness advancing to a stage where it endangers your dog's life.

Even if they notice that your pet is sick, they may not be able to get them to a vet quickly, if they do not have easy access to a vehicle (to transport your dog to the vet) or if the local veterinary clinic is closed.

Boarding kennels can provide your dog with regular social interaction

A lot of dogs experience separation anxiety when their owners go away for a period of time. Separation anxiety can increase an animal's stress levels, which can make them more prone to illness.

If this is something that your pet struggles with, it might be better to put them into a boarding kennel instead of leaving them with a pet sitter.

The reason for this is that boarding kennels usually have an outdoor space which the dogs at the facility are allowed to play in each day. This daily social interaction with other dogs can help to distract your pet from their separation anxiety and make them feel less lonely and isolated. This, in turn, can help to keep their stress levels low whilst you are away.

If your dog is being cared for by a dog sitter, they may not receive the same level of daily social interaction, unless there happens to be a dog park nearby.